So bricked out!

Lantana is beautiful. Lantana is for butterflies.  Lantana was at my childhood home.  Lantana is drought resistant.  Lantana is like a 1940’s pulp fiction heroine, beautiful and sexy on the outside, strong and resistant on the inside.

So you ask, “How is Lantana thrifty?!”

  1. It is quite cheap to buy at any local Lowe’s.
  2. It is an annual and it is permanent. (No need to pay $ every Spring.)
  3. It needs minimal watering. (Lower water bill.)

But . . .

The good part is how I didn’t showcase this baby.

  1. Not in a beautiful Mexican or Italian ceramic pot. (at least $80.00)
  2. Not by digging a 12 inch hole in earth zig zagged with tree roots. (sweat equity)
  3. Not in a cheap, plastic, non-biodegradable pot. (lots of water evaporation)

The GrEAT part is how I showcased my Mrs. Lantana.


Lantana all bricked out.

The bricks are from the side of my house and the stone is native to Texas.  It’s all over and it’s a beautiful white.  I bought the Lantana at Lowe’s for under $5.00 and I also spied “general potting soil” by an unknown company and got a huge bag for $2.80.  I used 10% of the soil.

So wow!  Not only did I spend under $6.00, I just know the butterflies are gonna love it and thank me for “going thrifty” on their account.


Easy as 1,2,3, A,B,C

Typewriters. Word processor killed the typewriter.  I miss them.  I know, Old School.  Well, I am Old School.  My two boys, 9 and 14, even accuse me of this from time to time.  Really I am “Generation X” to be exact.   I am proud to be an X’er.  The first generation named after a letter!  Boo Yah!  .

Now that Zombies are all the rage,  I have heard whispered rumors that the typewriter has risen from the dead to once again grace many a home office desks.  Could this be so?  Well, my boys helped me to make it so in our home.

One day, about a month ago, I was antiquing with my boys and my sis.  We were in a great, incredible shop at Artisan’s Alley.  Of course my boys were moaning and groaning with phrases like, “This is Old People Stuff.”  My sis and I snuck away to another corner of the store, but were soon worried when we didn’t hear the boys moanings.  We went to find them and there they were fascinated by, you guessed it, a typewriter.  An old, old school typewriter, sans electric cord.

I had to pry their eager fingers, finally, from the keys as we left the shop.  With a promise to find one at the weekly estates sales that I frequent.  Well, two weeks ago my sis and I went to the last day of an estate sale, knowing it was 50% off ALL!  Soon I was ready to head out when my sister noticed a baby blue Smith-Corona typewriter in the garage corner. 

We quickly set it up and plugged it in, with employee assistance, and were delighted to find it in perfect working condition.  It also had a black plastic carrying case.  And it was half off $32!  What a steal for such an archaic delight, and joy of my sons’ excitement to come.Image

So, I got a great thrifty bargain and wonderful smiles and words of awesomeness from my boys.  I call that a perfect Girl Gone Thrifty moment.


Harlequin and India

I love Estate Sales!  Thursday is my favorite day of the week.  Most estate sales start on this day.  You may think, “oh estate sales aren’t all cheap.”  Well you are right.  Thursdays are the “browsing” day, with the occasional “find”.  And Saturdays are the 50% days!  This is where the girl goes thrifty.

Note:  I always buy things that I know I can use, or my husband or children can use.  I have a huge fear of becoming a Hoarder.

Last week I went to three sales.  It was a slow weekend.  These are the bargains I took home.

Harlequin Dinner ware


These are Harlequin cups and cake plates.  Harlequin is an inexpensive introduction to the Fiesta line by Mr. Woolworth.  These were produced between 1936 – 46.   I also purchased some matching salad plates.  So here is the kicker . . .  I bought all 12 pieces for $26.00!

I was lucky to arrive at my 2nd estate sale on Friday at 9:15 am.  I immediately went to the bedroom looking for clothes.  What met my eyes was a color-gasm.  These are what I saw.

Jones of New York

Indian green

Sari heaven

The Indian style clothing was $12.00 and the Jones of  New York lime green spring blazer was a whopping $5.00!

On arriving at my last estate sale, I really had to do some digging.  The house had been closed up for 5 years and there was no electricity.  It was an overcast day, so I was wishing for a flashlight.  In spite of the darkness, mustiness and hideous rose colored walls, I was able to find these thrifty things.  A NIB Starbuck 2006 Tea Tumbler Set for $1.00 and Corning Ware for just $8.00.

Starbuck Ice Tea Tumbler 2006Corning WareAll in all I think I very thrifty weekend.